About Us

Allyssadesigns is a brand for those who appreciate creativity and small business. During the pandemic, I found a love for making cups. It was something I enjoyed doing for hours on end and made me happy to be able to provide a service like this for those who were interested. I ended up getting a job working for a company that was never satisfied with any of the hard work I put in, so at 3 months pregnant I decided working for this company was very toxic and that I would make a decision that was better for my family as well as myself. Working for a toxic company is not something anyone should be put through which is why I decided to become my own boss and create a healthy working environment. I started this brand with a love for crafts and turned it into something that not only I can enjoy, but everyone else can enjoy. Knowing that I am making a product that brings joy to many other people is something I strive to continue doing and is something I have put my all into.

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